Training and behaviour consultation services

Behaviour consultations

jo croft dog behaviour consultation

How can Jo help my dog?

Jo is able to assist with all canine behaviour problems, including but not limited to:

During a dog behaviour training consultation Jo offers clients clear, precise advice for managing a stable and balanced dog, with clear structure, routine and a good level of mental and physical stimulation.

All dog behaviour training consultations are involved and highly interactive. They take place in your home to ensure any techniques work within your environment. Jo works hard to ensure all new training techniques are achievable in your daily routine. You will be given a verbal explanation followed by a physical demonstration and then Jo will guide you through performing the necessary changes and make sure you are comfortable.

The structure of a consultation tends to be as follows:

  • A thorough history will be taken and a diagnosis given as to the reason’s for your problems
  • This is followed by a detailed explanation of the treatment plan and exercises to work on.
  • A report detailing what was discussed during the consultation and extra informative documents surrounding dog behaviour will follow by email or post if you prefer.
  • The consultation is then backed up with as much phone and or email support as you require at no extra charge.

While Jo is always happy to come and re-visit to work on specific points, it is usually only necessary to deal with most behaviour problems during one visit. Although this can be a difficult concept to consider, your dog will be open to change and you will be empowered to provide them with their new start. It should be understood that serious behavioural problems will take patience and consistency on the part of you as a dog owner to conquer but there should always be significant and immediate improvements in most cases.

This consultation includes supporting information. Please note there may be an extra fuel charge depending on your location but this can be advised prior to any booking.

Multi-dog households, serious behaviour problems and aggression case prices will be quoted on request.

Puppy consultations

Jo Croft Puppy Coach Puppy Training

How can Jo help my puppy?

Jo typically deals with puppy behaviours such as:

Puppy training consultations can be performed either on an hourly basis at your convenience spread over a few weeks or a one off consultation requiring approximately 2-3 hours of your time. Please be aware that it is not possible to work young puppies for lengthy periods so these consultations are very much focused on educating you as an owner in good dog management.

The sessions will deal with all common puppy problems from the introduction of the puppy into your home up to adolescence and what to expect. Detailed information is given and a structure set up that helps train and educate your dog alongside your normal daily activities.

In addition to the above, clients will also benefit from Jo’s significant Veterinary Nursing knowledge as she will also guide you through any concerns you have over flea and worm protocols, neutering or pet insurance.

Looking for on demand puppy coaching? Discover Jo’s Puppy Coach book and free online course for a complete at home guide to setting up your puppy for life

Remote behaviour consultations

Jo Croft remote dog behaviour consultation

Jo’s remote behaviour consultations gained popularity during the pandemic as a safer option for clients who were shielding or in lockdown. However, it is now an option to allow her to guide dog owners who are too far afield for her to visit and who to date she has been helping via telephone and email support – with effective results.

Whilst this option should never be seen as a replacement for the full, home visit assessment, it does allow clients to discuss their problem directly with an expert and get some feedback on the situation and general advice on how to manage it at a more affordable price.

The consultation process generally follows the below format:

  • After booking you will be sent an assessment form to complete which will include details regarding how to book the telephone consultation. It is really important that this information is as detailed and factual as possible in order to achieve good results.
  • 1 hour telephone conversation at a convenient time to discuss the problems in depth, information on why the problems are occurring and how to rectify them. You will be given an appointment time to call Jo once you have booked a session and Jo is happy to take calls in the evenings and at weekends.
  • Detailed information will be sent via email support taking on the form of attached information documents and also bullet point/clear instructions on how to begin improving on your relationship with your pet.
  • In serious or urgent scenarios Jo requests that you leave her a telephone message and she will call you back. However, general and in depth queries should be sent by email to ensure all correspondence is logged in detail.

While every care and attention will be given to each case individually you may be advised to seek further help in the form of a home visit by either Jo or an associated professional if the problem is deemed severe or potentially dangerous after the telephone consultation and initial advice. Jo will assist with this to ensure you have somebody competent at dealing with your dogs requirements and that they are armed with all the advice you have already been given. That said the advice you receive will also have the safety of you and other individuals in mind.

Please be aware if your case is considered too severe to be managed remotely at the point of receipt of the assessment form a full refund will be given and a home visit behaviour consultant will be advised.

One-to-one sessions

jo croft dog behaviour consultation one-to-one

Tailored sessions for one-to-one help with a specific problem, such as dog to dog aggression, training issues or re-cap sessions. Jo’s informed training sessions with you and your dog will help to improve or teach obedience and control, as well as helping to establish a stronger bond between owner and pet.

All sessions are geared around your specific ability and designed to ensure continued improvement. Socialisation walks can be arranged if you just need to improve on your dogs manners around other dogs.

Sessions from no less than 1 hour are advised, at each time. These sessions are fun for both dog and owner as well as being highly informative!